Monday 12 May 2014


It saddens me greatly that I'm having to write this post, but here goes...

From time-to-time I receive requests from other websites and authors for permission to reproduce parts of my blog posts. I am normally very flattered that people consider what I write is good enough to reference or reproduce, and until today, I have been more than happy to give approval to such requests. The only thing I have ever asked is that they make it clear what material they have reproduced and to cite the source when doing so.

Unfortunately, I have today come across another blog which has copied images and entire posts word-for-word from After taking some legal advice I have sent  the owner of the site a copyright infringement notice. This time I am far from flattered!!!

I am also saddened to say that I recognise material from other prominent QlikView blogs too and so if you are the author of a QV blog, please drop me a message so I can send a link to the offending site. I refuse to advertise it here.

For anyone that wants to use any material from this site, unless otherwise stated, I am the sole author and copyright owner of all material published on and I politely request that you contact me and ask before doing so. You'll find a big "Contact Me" button at the top of every page of the site and I don't bite (well only at the weekends). I receive a lot of messages via this site and I try to reply to as many as I can. Unfortunately, due to having a family and paying customers to keep happy, I don't get to answer them all but I do my best.