Thursday 8 March 2012

Inline Load Trick

Even the newest of QV developers have likely used an inline load and be familiar with the below screen. For those that might not have come across them, inline loads allow you to define a table of data within the QV script. You can use to wizard to create them which is available from the Edit Script dialog by using the menu, Insert -> Load Statement -> Load Inline.

There is however a feature of the Inline Data Wizard that often gets overlooked. If you look you will notice a Tools menu containing only a single tool, "Document Data...". Clicking on this opens up a new window like this:

This gives you the option of inserting values from existing fields in the data model. Please note, QlikView can't guess what the values will be when the script is next run so will show you the fields and values currently available in the app from the last time the script was run successfully. Clicking OK will paste the values into the Inline Data Wizard window.

And it's as simple as that. I most commonly use inline loads to create small, static mapping tables and this obviously means taking data from the existing data model and mapping them to groups or new values. This little trick is perfect for this and can save you having to create a temporary list box in the front end t copy the values from.


  1. Nice to remember this tip, that is also exposed in QlikView courses.

    I usually directly write the code LOAD * INLINE ...
    But the last time I did it, my sentence was marked as wrong (red), and I was unable to find the syntax error. Then I created the table by using the menu Insert -> Load Statement -> Load Inline as it's described above and also in QV courses, and the generated code for the table was similar to the one that I coded, but this time without syntax error.

    Please, don't waste your time as I did, and if you ever need to include an inline table with constant values, apply this tip and do it by the menu filling the table, and you'll avoid any annoying syntax error.

  2. Hi There,

    I am Dhananjay new learner in qlikview,am facing some problems can tell me the How to mapping using in inline table?