Monday 2 April 2012

QlikView 11 SR1 Update

For those that watch my Twitter feed, you'll have seen me "tweet" last week that QlikTech had withdrawn QlikView 11 SR1 from the download site because of a bug that had been found. The bug meant that any changes to the document settings aren't saved and although this does not pose a security risk, they have decided it is serious enough to warrant withdrawing the build.

On Friday last week they released the below announcement on their blog site:
QlikTech has withdrawn Service Release 1 of QlikView 11 from the download site due to issues discovered with the release. These issues do not impact the initial, generally available QlikView 11 release.

Given the nature of the problems discovered with Service Release 1, QlikTech has decided to rerun a complete internal testing and validation program prior to reissuing Service Release 1 to ensure the highest possible quality standards are met. This process is underway and we currently estimate that Service Release 1 will be re-issued in mid-April. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change and we encourage customers who downloaded Service Release 1 to hold off testing or deploying this release until the update becomes available.

Again, these issues do not impact the initial release of QlikView 11, currently available on the download site.

Any further updates related to Service Release 1 will be posted on this site.
So it seems we'll just have to wait a week or 2 longer to get a new release of SR1.

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