Monday 8 July 2013

QlikView Notepad++ Language Definition v2.1

Notepad++ version 6.4.1 was released recently and contains some exciting new additions.Top of the list is the new function list which has been awaited for a while now and is a popular feature in many other code editors (including UltraEdit).

This is another significant update and includes:
  • New function list support allowing Notepad++ to show subroutines, qualify and unqaulify statements, table loads, info loads, mapping loads and store statements all identified within the function list. 
  • Removed some functions from the auto-complete file as they are only valid in expressions not the script. 
  • Changed priority of highlighting to fixed issue with some keywords not highlighting correctly 
  • Fixed some minor issues with keywords being highlighted when they were shown in the wrong positions. 
  • Added tool tips for some additional functions.
This version has the following known limitiations:
  • The if() function cannot be differentiated from the IF...ENDIF statement and thus will be shown as a collapsible block with an incorrect end point.
  • Tool tips are not available for all functions. Remaining functions to be added in a future release.
As usual, head on over to the QlikView Notepad++ page to grab the download and instructions of how to update. If you find any issues, leave me a comment below and I'll try resolve them in a future release.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing this and creating the definition file.

  2. When I click on user-defined, the floating window is not popping up on a new install of notepad++. We are having the same problem on two machines. It is 5.9.

    1. Hi Mike,
      It sounds like you might be clicking on "User Defined" under the language menu. You should be clicking on "Define your language... "