Monday 23 February 2015

QlikView Components v10 Released

A new version of QlikView Components (QVC) is now available. Version 10 brings many new features and big fixes, most notably, the first additions from the merger of QVC with QlikView Addict CodeBox (QVACB). This new release can be downloaded from:

Changes for V10:
- QVC Documentation and Examples are Personal Edition enabled.
- Merged QVACB library with QVC.
    - Migrated Sub from QVACB, Qvc.Icons. Bundle loads image files into a QVW.
    - Migrated sub from QVACB, Qvc.QvdEmpty. Empties data from a QVD.
    - Migrated sub from QVACB, Qvc.SegmentedStore. STOREs table into segmented QVDs by date range.
    - Migrated function from QVACB, Qvc.DateDiff.
    - Migrated function from QVACB, Qvc.Days360.
    - Migrated function from QVACB, Qvc.NVL.
    - Migrated function from QVACB, Qvc.InRange.
- Closed Issue 12. Qvc.ExpandInterval script error when field name contains comma.
- Closed Issue 5. Qvc.DbExtract Initial extraction proceeds even when KeyField has typo in it.
- Closed Issue 4. Qvc. DbExtract Provide table specific BaseValue.

You can read the full release notes here.


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