Thursday 25 January 2018

Qlik Notepad++ Language Definition v2.5

A new version of the Qlik Notepad++ Language Definition has been released. Version 2.5 contains the following functionality improvements and bug fixes:
  • Added Qlik Sense connection string support
  • Added the missing keywords DERIVE and FLUSHLOG
  • Added support for DIRECT QUERY statements
  • Corrected issue with some keywords not highlighting when touching a semi-colon
  • Added support for QlikView Components variables and sub routines
  • Other minor improvements
This release contains the following known issues:
  • The if() function is highlighted in bold. This is because Notepad++ can't differentiate between the if() function and the IF statement. No known solution is available for this issue.
It is recommended that this release be used with Notepad++ version 6.6.9 and later.

As always, head over to the Notepad++ Language Definition page (or Branch) for the download link and instructions.

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