Thursday 16 May 2013

QlikView Notepad++ Language Definition v2.0

OK so after the teaser Tweets over the last couple of days, it's finally here, the new update to the QlikView Notepad++ Language Definition. This is the biggest update yet adding lots of new functionality including:
  • Improved code section folding
  • Improvements to keyword combinations to prevent incorrect highlighting (eg. INFO should not be highlighted unless it is followed by LOAD of SQL)
  • Added missing "GROUP BY" keyword
  • Number formats support hex even though no formatting is shown for numbers within QlikView by default (prevents correct highlighting if appears in a string).
  • Auto-completion of all keyworods and functions 
  • Tool tips shown for most commonly used functions (including colour, string, aggregation, numeric, inter-record and many other functions).
Rather than me babbling on about it anymore, head on over to the QlikView Notepad++ page to grab the download and instructions of how to update.

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