Monday 29 September 2014

QlikView Notepad++ Language Definition v2.3

I've just released a new version of the QlikView Notepad++ Language Definition. Version 2.3 contains the following minor fixes/functionality:
  • Solved an issue with correct highlighting of nested function calls. Added comma "," as an operator to correct issue with function names not being highlighted correctly when it immediately follows a comma inside another function call. 
  • Added missing function tool tips. All functions should now provide both auto completion and tool tips.
  • Removed the ability to fold IF statements because of an issue where Notepad++ tries to collapse if() functions which causes the collapsing to fail.  

Additionally, I have moved the project to GitHub and have added it to too. As always, head over to the Notepad++ Language Definition page (or Branch) for the download link and instructions.


  1. Thanx Matthew for your great work!

  2. Thanks Sander, glad it's of use!


  3. You're doing great work here, Matthew! I've lost any hope to find an extension that allows to work with qvd-files without any issues. For the mean time I'm converting all files to txt - it's not as uncomfortable as it seems. So, I found a tool recently that works with many data file formats as well as open txt file Now I stick to that app, but your solution looks pretty nice too, so we'll see