Wednesday 29 February 2012

QlikView on Amazon Kindle

I spotted a photo floating around the web earlier of what looked to be QlikView running on an Amazon Kindle (the original not the new touch screen Kindle Fire), so of course I had to have a go myself. I grabbed my Kindle and fired up the web browser, which Amazon describe as "Experimental". Obviously this wouldn't be the richest QlikView experience ever but would it be usable at all?

I first hit the QlikView demo site which seemed to load fine. I chose and app and fired it up.

Apart from a lot of the text appearing surrounded in black, it was just about readable and everything appeared to be there. Now for the real test, can I make a selection?

Yup, after a slightly slower than normal refresh, the selection seemed to be applied and the charts displayed the updated results.

I've yet to find a way of right clicking or clicking and dragging within charts, so functionality is limited and it wouldn't be my first choice of mobile device but at a push it would be usable with nothing else to hand.

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