Sunday 5 February 2012

QlikView Power Tools

I spent some time last week playing with the QlikView PowerTools which I hadn't had time to test properly since they were released in in November last year. For those yet to come across them, they offer a series of tools for the more advanced QlikView Server administrators.

You can download the QlikView PowerTools from the QlikView Community site.

Currently the tools included are as follows:
Allows you to view bookmarks, server objects and other data stored in QlikView Server .shared files. It also allows you to repair and defrag large .shared files. 

QlikView Server Agent
Allows you to manager the QlikView Server services more efficiently.

QMS API Client
Allows you to use the new QMS API functions in QlikView Server without writing any code.

QV User Manager
A QlikView Server command-line tool allowing you to add and manager user CALs.

Scans the network looking for other QlikView Servers and presents some basic information about them.

Reload Schedule Migration Tool
A tool for migrating version 9 QVPR XML databases to versions 10 and 11.

Server Object Handler
Allows administration of server objects.

Server Object Handler Batch
A command line versions of the Server Object Handler above.

Lets you view and edit the QlikView Publisher Repository. 

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