Friday 17 October 2014

QlikView for WordPress Plugin v0.2

As you may well have seen already, yesterday I released the first official pre-release of QlikView for WordPress plugin. This plugin brings syntax highlighting of QlikView script and expressions within posts and pages to WordPress blogs and websites.

A QlikView expressions showing syntax highlighting

The syntax highlighting is currently an approximation of that within the QlikView script and expression editors. It is however expected that the highlighting will be improved in later versions. The next version will include significant improvements to highlighting of expressions as well as some minor bug fixes.

Downloads and full instructions for installation and use can be found on the QlikView for WordPress page, or alternatively on the website.


  1. Matt,

    Many thanks for putting this together. I have started using it over on my blog at and it works well. The days of me taking screen grabs of code to insert into my posts are over!

  2. Matt,

    Awesome work as usual. I tried using this in my wordpress blog today and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for developing this.

  3. As I told you earlier, I really appreciate this plugin.

    I got a feature request for you. I got the need of "inline" code. Using the plugin today I'm forced to break my test into a new paragraph. I would like to have the possibility to markup my text within a paragraph.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. It should certainly be possible by simply switching the pre and code tags in the CSS to display inline rather than block. I just need to work out how to give you the option to switch between the two in WordPress. I'll add it to the GitHub project and get it into the next release.

  4. Thanks all. I'm glad you are finding it of use.