Friday 3 October 2014

QlikView UltraEdit Wordfile v2.0

QlikView language definition for UltaEdit v2.0 has been release.

This version is a huge leap from the first release and so has been labelled as a new major release. Some of the new features include:
  • Missing keywords added including TABLES, FIELDS and UNTIL
  • Store statements, Qualify and Unqualify statements, info loads, mapping loads, join and keep statements are all now identified in the UltraEdit Function List
  • REM has been added as a block comment. Note, unlike QlikView, UltraEdit can't apply a REM comment only if it appears at the start of a line and thus REM comments will be highlighted wherever they appear.
  • Added UltraEdit templates for commonly used statements and code snippets including:
    •   Binary load
    •   Include statement
    •   Test script
    •   Environment variables
    •   Calendar script - Basic
    •   Calendar script - Basic - From Field
    •   Set statement
    •   Let Statement
    •   Script Header Comment
    •   Script Section Comment
As always, full instructions and download links can be found on the QlikView for UltraEdit page. Alternatively you can find them on or on GitHub.
If you have any ideas for other code templates or find any problems, let me know by leaving a comment or raising an issue on GitHub.

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