Thursday 8 February 2018

Qlik for Visual Studio Code v0.4.0

After my recent post regarding text editors for working with QlikView and Qlik Sense script files, Visual Studio Code was top of the wish list. There was already a Qlik VS Code extension available in the VS Marketplace, that whilst not perfect was a great start. So I reached out to it's author Xavier Hanh with an offer to collaborate on improving the syntax highlighting it offers.

I'm pleased to announce the first fruits of the collaboration, a new release of the Qlik for Visual Studio Code extension.

Version 0.4.0 brings a large number of improvements since the last release include:
  • All JOIN and KEEP statements added
  • INFO and BUNDLE INFO loads added
  • Direct Query statement support added
  • Logic statements (sub routines, switch statements, for and do loops) improved
  • REM comments added
  • CALL statements added
  • END SCRIPT statements added
  • A large number of functions added
A significant number of functions are still not highlighted correctly. These will be addressed in the next release.

If you already have the extension installed in VS Code, you should be prompted to upgrade when you next open it. If you don't, head to the VS Marketplace now to install.


  1. Hey, do you guys have a git for this? I am considering adding a language definition to prismjs so that other syntax highlighters (like Bracket Pair Colorizer) will auto support qvs and using your base would make things go quicker.