Wednesday 14 February 2018

Qlik for WordPress Plugin v2.0

Qlik for WordPress v2.0 has just been released. This release provides the biggest improvements to date, bringing a large number of new features as well as the usual tweaks and bug fixes.

If you've tried the plugin before and found it stopped other features and plugins from working, give it another try as hopefully this issue has now be resolved.

Plugin Settings Page

The plugin now has its own settings page where you can turn on or off the otional features.

Copy to Clipboard Buttons

If enabled on the plugin settings page, every code block will now have an copy to clipboard button. Simply hover over the code block and the button will appear in the top right corner of it. Clicking the button will copy the entire code block to your clipboard to be pasted anywhere you choose.

Code Block Line Numbers

You can now enable line numbers for all code blocks, enabling you to better describe and reference a block of code in your blog post. 

Be aware of the warning shown in the plugin settings page. Enabling line numbers and effect the correct syntax highlighting of statements that span more than one line such as /* */ block comments. Use with caution!

Qlik Sense Vector Icons

A huge new improvement is the ability to add Qlik Sense icons to your blog posts. The majority of these icons are lifted directly from the Qlik Sense Leonardo UI vector font and so are exactly as they appear in Sense. I've thrown a few extras in for good measure.

The potential of what they can be used for is open to you to explore, but they are great for helping to better explain how to do things in your blog posts. 

To add an icon, simply head to the plugin settings page, find the icon you wish to use and copy the icon code (all of which start "qicon-"). Then whilst editing your page or post, click the Qlik Icon button on the WordPress text or visual editor editor and past the code into the popup that appears. Click OK and the new shortcode will be inserted. 

Because they are a vector font, you can size and style them however you want, just like any other text in your post. I look forward to seeing neon pink Qlik icon spreading across the web.

Other Tweaks and Fixes

As well as the above new feature, the following tweaks and fixes have also been made:
  • Added Qlik Sense connection string support
  • Added the missing keywords DERIVE and FLUSHLOG
  • Added support for DIRECT QUERY statements
  • Fixed issue with REM comments not supporting whitespace before them
  • Fixed issue with clicking cancel on shortcode prompts results in shortcode still being entered
  • Fixed issue with variable declarations containing a full stop (AKA period) not highlighting correctly
  • Fixed issue with backslash incorrectly operating as an escape character in strings
  • Other minor highlighting improvements
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Changed [qlikview] shortcode to [qlik-code] to better represent Qlik Sense support. The old shortcode is still supported for backwards compatibility
  • Button "Qlik Code" added to text editor to insert shortcode
  • Visual editor button updated
  • Corrected issue with plugin clashing with some other shortcodes resulting in incorrect display. Some Google Maps plugins were amongst those affected. 
  • Rewritten core code to prevent CSS and JS being loaded on all pages of a site irrespective of whether or not the shortcode is present
  • Ability to load CSS and JS files from the a CDN instead of the local webserver
If you installed the plugin from the WordPress Plugins Directory then you will be prompted to install the update next time you log in to your site's WordPress Admin portal. Alternatively, downloads and full instructions for installation and use can be found on the QlikView for WordPress page, or alternatively on the website.

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