Wednesday 14 February 2018

Qlik Web Syntax Highlighter v2.0

Qlik Web Syntax Highlighter v2.0 has just been released. This release provides the biggest improvements to date, bringing a large number of new features as well as the usual tweaks and bug fixes and follows:

  • Added Qlik Sense connection string support
  • Added the missing keywords DERIVE and FLUSHLOG
  • Added support for DIRECT QUERY statements
  • Fixed issue with REM comments not supporting whitespace before them
  • Fixed issue with clicking cancel on shortcode prompts results in shortcode still being entered
  • Fixed issue with variable declarations containing a full stop (AKA period) not highlighting correctly
  • Fixed issue with backslash incorrectly operating as an escape character in strings
  • Other minor highlighting improvements
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Added custom vector font to allow insertion of some Qlik icons
  • Added the LUIicons vector font from LeonardoUI to allow insertion of all Qlik Sense UI icons
  • Added optional extra line numbers to code block (should be used with caution as can prevent correct highlighting of code than spans multiple lines eg. /* */ block comments)

The most notable new feature is the ability to add Qlik Sense icons to your web pages. The majority of these icons are lifted directly from the Qlik Sense Leonardo UI vector font and so are exactly as they appear in Sense. I've thrown a few extras in for good measure.

The potential of what they can be used for is open to you to explore, but they are great for helping to better explain how to do things in your blog posts and tutorials. 

To add an icon, simply include the additional CSS file in your page header, then add the appropriate icon class to a suitable HTML tag such as:

<span class="qicon-XXXX"></span>

Because they are a vector font, you can size and style them however you want, just like any other text in your post. I look forward to seeing neon pink Qlik icon spreading across the web.

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