Thursday 7 June 2012

QlikView for Notepad++ Update

NOTE: Links in this post are to deprecated versions, please see the QlikView Notepad++ page for the latest version and instructions.

I'm amazed to see that the QlikView language definition for Notepad++ has been downloaded over 200 times. Good to see there are so many people making use of it.

For those who haven't yet tried it you can read the instructions from the original post

For those that already have the first release you will need to download the new language definition file

You'll need to follow pretty much the same steps as before but remove the old QlikView language definition file before importing the new one. You can do this by selecting "QlikView" in the User language drop down at the top of the User Defined Language dialog and then click "Remove". You can then import the new file following the same steps as before.

As before, if you find any issues leave me a comment below.

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