Wednesday 6 June 2012


I'm just downloading the QVD Viewer produced by Dmitry Gudkov. It promises to allow you to open and view the contents of a QVD without having to load it into QlikView. Watch this space for how I get on but if you'd like to have a go yourself you can find more information and a download link at


  1. Hi! Do you know if there is a similar app or solution to view the .qvw without a license, we don't need the behaviour of QV just to see the dashboard like an image for example.


    1. Hi Eloisa

      Can I ask for a little more information around what exactly you are trying to achieve. Do you already have QV and you are trying to present some of the charts in a static form to people without them having to have a QV license?


    2. Exactly, we already have a QV application in fact the client can see it from the access point, but they generate reports from these charts and tables and send them to people in another company (thats why we need it to be without a license and without the need to download another programs like QlikView Desktop). We're trying with the QlikView reports, but the client asked us more options.